3 Ancient Superfoods Known to Balance Hormones and Boost Fertility

The foods I’m about to share with you have been used for thousands of years to balance hormones, boost libido, increase fertility, and boost your overall wellness.

Within a society that practically worship artificial, synthetic hormone replacers and pills, we’ve forsaken these powerful natural super-plants that contain incredible properties.

Implementing them into your diet/supplement routine will have dramatic effects on your overall health and wellness, male or female!

Of course, this isn’t a complete list of hormone balancing, libido boosting, fertility increasing foods. But I have chosen the top three most common and widely used superfoods by our ancestors that delivered powerful results.

Before we begin, as always, I would recommend you consult a nutritionist, naturopath, or other professional before consuming any of these supplements in high quantities. Because they do contain hormone-balancing properties, over consuming can have reverse effects.

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1. Asian/American Ginseng

For centuries, ginseng has been known for its adaptogenic, antioxidant, chemoprotective properties.

Asian ginseng has proven helpful in treating erectile dysfunction, low sperm production, male fertility problems, and sexual performance problems.

Adriana Ayeles, Ritual Wellness Adaptogens

Aside from it’s sexual health benefits, Ginseng also can positively impact mental health, adrenal fatigue, and hearth health.

It also contains powerful antioxidants that can drastically reduce inflammation and has been known to regulate cholesterol! The ginsenosides within ginseng are also thought to prevent DNA damage, contributing to longevity and vitality.

2. Rhodiola

Fun fact you didn’t ask for:

In the mountain villages of Siberia, bouquets of rhodiola roots are still given to couples prior to marriage to enhance fertility and ensure the birth of healthy children.

Adriana Ayeles, Ritual Wellness Adaptogens

This powerful superfood contains properties that help prevent cellular & DNA damage. Rhodiola root can greatly reduce high blood pressure and dramatically decrease the likelihood of heart disease.

It also has been shown to fight against free radicals and toxins that contribute to the formation of cancer.

And this is without mentioning the neuroprotective, aphrodisiac, antidepressant, antistress, and adrenal fatigue protection properties this ancient medicine possesses.

Studies have shown rhodiola increases mental performance, facilitates healthy blood flow, decreases cortisol levels (the “stress hormone”), and can protect against irregular heartbeats.

3. Maca

Interesting fact you didn’t ask for part 2: Thousands of years ago, farmers discovered their livestock would reproduce more often with healthier offspring when consuming maca root. Shortly after, people started consuming it in hopes it would boost their reproductive results.

Maca powder has since been known to balance hormones and improve sexual health.

The libido- and fertility- enhancing properties of maca are due to its action on the hypothalamus, the sex-hormone center of the brain. The hypothalamus stimulates the pituitary gland to secrete luteinizing hormone and follicle-stimulating hormone, which in turn stimulate the adrenal glands and gonads to secrete testosterone, progesterone, and dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA).

–        David Wolfe, The Beauty Diet

red, yellow, or black?

There are three types of Peruvian Maca and they all contain slightly different benefits, so we’ll briefly go through them here.

red maca

Red maca energizes and nourishes the body.

Conditions such as adrenal fatigue, inflammation, prostate health, and female infertility have all benefited from red maca.

Bone density, anxiety, and autoimmunity are other issues that red maca has been known to treat.


black maca

Black maca root is the rarest form of maca. While its bioactives aren’t as concentrated as red maca, they are higher than yellow maca.

However, the levels of antioxidants in black maca is higher than both red & yellow.

This powerful superfood has the ability to improve concentration, focus, memory, metabolism, and has shown to be the most beneficial type of maca for those with thyroid issues.

Black maca has also contributed to the highest increase in sperm count as opposed to yellow & red maca, which makes it the best option for male infertility.

yellow maca

Yellow maca is the most common type of maca by making up 70% of the harvest ratio.

It has the same properties and actives as red/black, just in smaller concentrations. This makes yellow maca a great option for anyone and overall wellness in general.

Whereas red & black maca are usually used for more specific conditions/treatments.

Yellow maca root helps reduce inflammation, balance hormones, supports vitality, and improves auto immune & thyroid disorders.

Which Should You Consume?

Rest assured no matter which you choose, you will still reap the hormone-balancing, sexual health-improving benefits.

But to maximize wellness, which is what I’m all about, I prefer to consume a blend of all three.

This is the specific blend I consume daily to support optimal health. I can personally attest to the hormone balancing properties of maca.

When my hypothyroidism was at its peak, I lost my period. My hormones were so completely out of whack.

I began consuming maca powder consistently and within three weeks, regained a healthy, regular cycle.

Maca has been an absolute hormone-saver for me, which is one of the reasons it is the Superfood I Swear By with Hypothyroidism.

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Final Thoughts

The notion that you must consume synthetic medications to balance your hormones, regulate periods, boost fertility, and support your health is an absolutely scheme!

If you get nothing from this post just leave fully assured that you can treat yourself naturally. Holistically.

Please don’t go through your life carelessly and just think “I’ll just take medication later on to deal with health issues.” You’ll be completely unsatisfied long-term and you’ll miss living your best life here and now. What an awful thing to do!

If you need help beginning your holistic health journey, I invite you to join us here, explore the wonderful world of holistic wellness! Adopting a holistic lifestyle will not disappoint you!

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