4 Supplements to Holistically Heal Hypothyroidism and Increase Energy

Hypothyroidism can take so much from you. It destroys not only how you feel, but it can also have impacts on how you look.

Constant fatigue, breakouts, weight gain, cold hands & feet, poor digestion, muscle weakness, puffiness, poor skin texture, dark & brittle hair & nails, are all symptoms that one can experience.

After treating my hypothyroidism holistically for years now, I have discovered several superfoods that have given my body the boost it craves to maximize wellness.

Important Note:

Of course, you can’t supplement your way out of a bad diet. Eating fast, processed, un-natural foods and expecting supplements to come to your rescue is not really how it works.

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But supplements can definitely help & give your body an added boost. Specific supplements can also improve specific functions in the body that you may need some added help with, for me, it was/is the thyroid.

Listed here are 4 supplements known to boost thyroid health & functioning.

When thyroid hormones are in balance, you feel energized and you look radiant, fresh, and hydrated. However, when they are out of balance, nearly all your systems go into a type of free fall.

David Wolfe, The Beauty Diet

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1. Bone Broth (Heal that Leaky Gut)

If you haven’t heard of Leaky Gut or simply don’t know much about it, the link above takes you to a detailed post all about it.

But essentially it is the root cause (usually) of thyroid/auto-immune issues. So, curing it is important.

One of the best ways to heal your gut is with bone broth. Consuming bone broth regularly creates this protective coating, if you will, around the inside of your gut.

This, in turn, prevents it from leaking toxins & other foreign substances into the bloodstream and attacking your thyroid (although, leaky gut is the root cause of many more conditions).

To read the full post on Leaky Gut & It’s Dangerous Impacts, click here.

But essentially, bone broth is the best superfood for your gut health. Before you try to treat or cure any other system or organ in the body, it is important to assess your gut health. If your gut isn’t healthy, the rest of your body can never be. I know that sounds a bit dramatic, but it’s true.

Ancient Nutrition Pure Bone Broth

Ancient Nutrition is one of my go-to supplement brands. I consume their Bone Broth (they have multiple flavors) every day which has had an incredible impact on my overall health. I love their brand because they are on a mission to create the purest natural supplements, all while regenerating the earth & soil quality. I’ve used many of their products and am always in love with the results.

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2. Goji Berry (The most delightful little treats)

These “delightful little treats” always make their way into my daily fruit bowl. I love them so much, I included them in my top 5 Fruits You Should Eat Everyday For Hypothyroidism. But why?

Amino Acids

These little berries surprisingly contain all 19 amino acids. A healthy amino acids intake is essential for the thyroid to produce healthy levels of T3 & T4. These hormones are typically in low production in those with hypothyroidism, causing fatigue, weight gain, and other negative impacts to metabolic functions.

This superfruit is also rich in Vitamins B1, B2, B6, & E, which are all needed for optimal thyroid function.


This wonderous super-fruit can adapt to, and grow in, multiple different climates. Snow, heat, humidity– this plant adapts. Therefore, in Chinese Medicine it is deemed an adaptogen.

When consumed, the adaptogenic properties of this berry provide the body with a renewed ability to combat stress all while effectively fighting free radicals and benefiting the body’s many systems (in this case, the endocrine system).

Goji berries work to support the thyroid through amino acid support, stress/inflammation relief, a boost in antioxidants, and increase the production of HGH (human growth hormone), which helps repair and maintain organ/tissue health.

3. Red Algae (My Favorite)

Okay, so onto my favorite! Red algae. There are several reasons why this supplement is so amazing for your thyroid, immune system, and overall wellness. One of them being iodine.


Iodine is essential for healthy thyroid hormone production. In fact most who struggle with low thyroid levels are deficient in this iodine, explaining why it’s thought to be a leading contributor to hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid).

Iodine helps the thyroid maintain a strong, healthy production of hormones that fuel your metabolic rate.

Red algae is an incredibly healthy, natural source of iodine so it will be more readily absorbed and utilized by the body.

Heavy Metals

Heavy metals directly impact the thyroid. Some, such as cadmium, aluminum, and mercury, can damage the thyroid tissue, having long-lasting, chronic impacts.

This worsens auto-immune conditions, like Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, and in extreme cases, this can contribute to thyroid cancer.

Red Algae is an incredible supplement that rids the body of heavy metals. It’s powerful antiviral, natural detoxification properties help fuel the thyroid to holistic healing.

4. Maca (A Lifesaver)

There is so much to say about this superfood, it has earned it’s own post (linked below). So here, we’ll just hit the highlights.

The Superfood I Swear By with Hypothyroidism | madelienejeanne

The Science

Maca is rich in 2 thyroid balancing properties: iron & iodine.

Balanced iron levels are crucial to healthy thyroid function.

Iron has a direct relationship with your TSH (thyroid stimulating hormones) levels. Therefore, low iron levels can contribute to hypothyroidism.

Maca also contains other hormone-balancing properties, which helps regulate the different hormones within the body that may have been thrown off by your hypothyroidism.

This maca supplement is a Peruvian blend of all three roots.

Final Thoughts

When paired with a consistent diet of real, whole foods, these supplements provide the body with immense benefits. Finding a supplement regime that works for you and your needs is key to maximizing your wellness and investing in healing.