Five Ways to Make Memories with Friends and Family This Fall Season

I love this time of year. The weather is stunning, the leaves are gorgeous, and the traditions are special.

There isn’t another time quite like it. Of course, who wants to experience something so lovely all alone.

A common misunderstanding we humans often make is that traditions or memories must be elaborate or expensive. We live in a world where everything goes on Instagram (or worse: everything is done for the sole purpose of social media). More on that in the Final Thoughts.

Anyways, I’ve listed 5 of the most enjoyable activities that you can do with friends, family, kids, or really anyone.

Let me know in the comments you favorite seasonal traditions!

Pumpkin Patch

Ah, the classic pumpkin patch visit. Truly a must this time of year. Who doesn’t love pumpkin patches. Who cares if they are for little kids (which is something I would like to personally protest)?!

Picking pumpkins, competitive races through the corn maze (just me? okay…), hay rides, apple cider tastings, mini petting zoos, flowers, who doesn’t want to spend a day there?

You could even go one step further and sneak in a little picnic. Or just have a caramel apple and pretzel. Everything in moderation, right?

Fall Bake-Off

I’m not saying everything needs to be a competition, but it is more fun that way.

A bake-off is the perfect opportunity to either build your kitchen skills or show them off. Part of the fun of this season is the treats, so you might as well make a lot of them.

In terms of health and wellness, I would recommend you substituting as many ingredients as possible for healthier alternatives (e.g., sweeteners & flours).

There are so many phenomenal paleo recipes out there to get you started. Also adding a “paleo” or “gf, df” challenge to the bake-off is a great way to elevate the competition. Especially if you have some friends/family members who have certain food intolerances.

Below I’ve linked some of my favorite pumpkin recipes that will put you ahead of your competitors.

recipe: pumpkin scones

recipe: soft pumpkin cookies

recipe: pumpkin donut holes

recipe: pumpkin churros

Movie Night

This one you’ll have to tailor to your specific party, but movie nights are a holiday essential.

And fall movies range from romantic comedies to bloody horror movies (of which I am NOT a fan).

What would be quite ideal is to have the fall bake-off and then watch a movie so you already have plenty of snacks. Then all you need to do is light up the fireplace, curl up in warm, fuzzy blankets, and drape some fairy lights around the room (you know, in case you get scared).

(Comment below any fall movie recommendations because I’ve recently realized my “fall movie” category is quite limited.)

Apple Picking

Continuing with the pumpkin patch vibe, apple picking. Just the thoughts of apple picking brings me so much joy.

I believe getting out into nature is one of the best ways to enjoy and appreciate the season. Apple picking is the perfect way to do so. When going apple picking, just remember to wear closed toe shoes. I would recommend boots. #1, they will match your fall outfit, #2 apple orchards are working farms, so protecting yourself from any sharp tools/objects is important.

It’s also helpful to google nearby orchards to see which apple varieties they grow and what month of the year they are ready for harvest.

Nature Hikes

As mentioned above, getting into nature this time of year is important. Nature hikes are so perfect for this. I’ve written a post on the benefits of hiking, but to quickly summarize, it serves your mental and physical health very well.

Doing it with loved ones is also ideal as the conversation takes your mind off of the continual incline, burning legs, and increased heartrate.

This is also the best time of year to do it considering the trees are changing colors and the weather is cooler, so you won’t exhaust quicker from summer heat.

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Final Thoughts

I wanted to elaborate on this point a bit more. For me personally, a big part of social wellness is living in the moment. When you are with friends/family, don’t worry about getting the perfect pictures for Instagram or Facebook.

Don’t worry about the setting or if your hair is messy. Just live in the moment.

I know so many people who have movie nights or go on nature hikes solely for the purpose of having something to post on their social media.

What a miserable way to live. You can’t enjoy your family/friends because you are too consumed by likes and comments.

I’m by no means suggesting there is anything inherently wrong with social media. What I am saying is you do your close friends/family a great disservice if you are disconnected from them.

I simply want to encourage you to live in the moment. Make these memories, go on the adventures for the quality time with loved ones. And if you want to post about them on social media, go for it. Just live in the moment. Don’t let this autumn season pass you by.

invest in wellness,