Journal Prompts for Easter

Journaling everyday doesn’t just seem therapeutic, it actually is. Studies show that it helps reduce stress, manage stress, and improve your mood.

Part of my everyday morning routine is to sit down and just write. Write down whatever I need to get out, confront, pray about, plan, am grateful for aiming for in the future.

Taking a moment everyday to organize your thoughts and prioritize gratitude, in my opinion, is essential to a holistic lifestyle.

Easter is obviously a very special day so I want to encourage you to take a moment and reflect. Below are just a few suggestions to begin your Easter 2022 journal entry.

easter 2022 journal prompts

What does this day mean to me?

Why celebrate this day?

Is there vanity in my life?

Things in my life I need to get rid of.

A prayer and worship to God.

In what ways do I want to grow spiritually?

What is Joy?

What is Peace?

Uplifting song lyric.

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