Toxic Cosmetics and the Environment

A lot of us have heard about the negative impacts of toxic cosmetics on our bodies and health, but have you ever considered the damage these toxins inflict on the environment?

It’s become a trend to discuss non-toxic skincare, which in and of itself is an unregulated, typically greenwashed term.

But it is true that synthetic cosmetics can wreak havoc on your endocrine, immune, and respiratory systems.

It is important to chose the healthiest, “cleanest” (another greenwashed, unregulated term) choices where ever possible, not just for your health, but for the earth.

The hundreds of toxins we use every single day impact the planet. So the next time you take a trip to Sephora keep these points in mind.

How It Works

Synthetic chemicals are not only toxic for your and your health, they are toxic for the environment. Considering all of the people in the world who wash toxin-ridden cleansers, lotions, serums, body washes, cleaning products, etc. down the drain every single day, I would say we are contributing too much to environmental toxicity.

We wash toxins down the drain every day that pollute our water-ways & use artificial fragrances that pollute the air. We use synthetics products with toxic packaging, both of which usually end up in the ground, and therefore, polluting the ground.

For example, 1 4-dioxane, an ingredient found in many dish soaps and cleaning products, frequently contaminates groundwater.

These practices can harm people, animals, plants, and ecosystems, leading to environmental toxicity.

Something that doesn’t get enough attention is the nutrient-poor soil we are creating. Our systems are stripping our soil of its nutrients. This is the combined result of many things, but one of them is the amount of toxins we are draining into the earth.

Final Thoughts

Using natural, organic products benefits you and the planet.

Not only are the products (and often packaging) themselves very toxic, but usually, their manufacturing process is as well. It is important to use clean products that won’t intoxicate our bodies or our planet.

But on the bright side! Being aware and mindful is always the first step to making wiser choices. You can begin now to make better choices for your health and your planet.

To read a more detailed post about toxic cosmetics’ effects on your health specifically, click here.

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